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MVC Constitution

Founded September 1, 1993


 We, the PIAA schools named in this Constitution, in order that we may better carry on the athletics and co-curricular activities of our school, do therefore, establish this Constitution for the Mountain Valley Conference.


Section 1: This organization shall be known as the Mountain Valley Conference.

Section 2: The Conference is established to address the common interests of our respective students through competition in athletics and other co-curricular activities.


Section 1: The following PIAA schools shall constitute the membership of this Conference: East Stroudsburg North, East Stroudsburg South, Pleasant Valley, Stroudsburg, Pocono Mountain East, Pocono Mountain West, and Lehighton. Each member high school will be entitled to one (1) vote in all Conference matters. Member schools must compete in one of the top two PIAA classifications in all sports.

Section 2: Application for membership in this Conference must be made in writing to the league secretary. A Conference expansion membership will be automatically granted to a newly created “sister” PIAA school in any member school’s district for its first full school year of enrollment/operation. Any other PIAA school seeking membership must compete in one of the top two PIAA classifications in all sports by the next PIAA classification cycle. All member PIAA school feeder Junior Highs and Middle Schools are automatically included in Conference scheduling and concerns without a vote. Final acceptance of a non-“sister” PIAA school’s membership is subject to at least a 75.0% aye vote of the full membership of this Conference.

Section 3: Conference dues and entrance fees for the subsequent school year for all member PIAA schools shall be set at the quarterly spring meeting of the Mountain Valley Conference. Dues for the school year must be paid by August 1st of that school year. To address a fiscal deficit or emergency, the Conference may approve, by at least a 75.0% aye vote of the full membership at a Conference meeting, a special, one-year assessment.

Section 4: Any members in arrears for a period of one year shall be suspended from Conference play.

Section 5: A member PIAA school entered in Conference competition in any sport/activity must complete its schedule of contests, unless the reason for discontinuance meets with at least a 75.0% aye vote of the full membership at a Conference meeting. Should the member PIAA school authorities not accept the decision of the Conference, the school in question may be dropped as a Conference member.

Section 6: A member PIAA school considering withdrawal from this Conference shall submit in writing to the League secretary a statement declaring its intent. This letter must be submitted during the first regularly scheduled Conference meeting of the school’s final school year participation.

Section 7: The MVC has the option of choosing to accept application for associate membership on a case by case basis.


Section 1: The officers of the Conference shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Principal-at-Large. No two of whom shall be from the same PIAA school excluding the Principal-at-Large.

Section 2: It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of this Conference, to cast the deciding vote in case of a tie, to approve all disbursement vouchers and to appoint standing committees for each sport/activity and other special committees. The President shall be the official spokesperson for the Mountain Valley Conference.

Section 3: It shall be the duty of the Vice President to assist the President and to preside over Conference meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall be responsible for updating relevant sections of the policy manual and By Laws and for completing other duties assigned by the President.

Section 4: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep accurate minutes of the proceedings of Conference meetings. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to distribute on a yearly basis the corrected, updated and/or amended By Laws and Constitution. The Secretary shall be responsible for sending all Conference correspondence to the Principals and Athletic Directors of each member PIAA school.

Section 5: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to invoice and receive all fees, dues, and assessments, endorse all vouchers, make all expenditures authorized by this Conference, and to report at each scheduled meeting of the Conference the receipts, expenditures, and the balance on hand. All checks must be signed by two league officials duly appointed by the conference.

Section 6: The officers of this Conference shall be reimbursed each spring in the amount set by Conference members.

Section 7: The officers of this Conference and the Principal-at-Large shall comprise the Executive Committee.

Section 8: The Conference shall elect an Assignor of Officials for each sport it sponsors and a Conference Statistician. The individual activity chairperson will assign officials for the co-curricular activities as appropriate within their assigned activity.

Section 9: It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to rule upon all disputes arising in the Conference.


Section 1: Regularly scheduled meetings of the Conference principals and athletic directors shall be held quarterly.

Section 2: The agenda is to be prepared by the Conference’s President and submitted to all representatives of the Conference prior to a regular scheduled meeting, and, if possible, prior to any special meeting.

Section 3: Special meetings of this Conference may be called by two officers of the Conference or upon written request of at least three (3) member PIAA high schools.

Section 5: The order of business of this Conference shall be:

1. Call to order

2. Reading of the minutes

3. Report of the Treasurer

4. Report of the committees

5. Unfinished business

6. New business

7. Appointment of committees

8. General discussion

9. Announcement of next regularly scheduled meeting date

10. Adjournment


Section 1: Each member PIAA high school shall be entitled to one (1) vote on all questions of debate at the meetings of this Conference. A roll call vote will be required when a decision is made on the expenditure of funds, amendments, additions/deletions/changes in Conference membership, and/or disbandment.

Section 2: At least 75.0% of the full membership of this Conference shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. With a quorum established and maintained, a simple majority is needed to approve any action taken, except those addressed elsewhere in this Constitution and By Laws.

Section 3: Any member PIAA high school not participating in a given sport/activity shall not have the privilege of voting on questions relating to that sport/activity.

Section 4: Abstaining shall be regarded as acquiescing to the action of the majority of the member PIAA schools.


Section 1: The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Principal-at-Large shall be elected annually at the regular scheduled spring meeting.


Section 1: All amendments to this Constitution must be submitted to the League secretary in writing.

Section 2: This Constitution may be amended by at least a 75.0% aye vote of the full membership of this Conference at a scheduled meeting.

Section 3: The proposed amendment must be read to the members at two (2) consecutively scheduled Conference meetings of principals and athletic directors. Approval must be voted upon following the second (2nd) reading at a second (2nd) scheduled meeting.


Section 1: The rules of each contest/activity shall be those approved by the National Federation with PIAA exceptions or other governing bodies of said co-curricular activities.

Section 2: A sport/activity chairperson will be selected to oversee the sport or activity and to hold annual post-season meetings with the coaches and advisors of each activity.

Section 3: All members of this Conference are to refrain from giving out criticism for publication, either favorable or adverse, of any other school or teams, and to discourage, as far as possible, unsportsman-like behavior on the part of spectators at the contest/activity.

Section 4: The member PIAA school having satisfied the requirement of the Conference for varsity championship status at the end of the completed season shall be awarded a standard trophy. In the case of a tie, duplicate trophies shall be awarded.

Section 5: The mode of determining a league champion shall be included within the individual Conference sport by-laws.

Section 6: The net receipts from play-offs / tournaments / meets shall go to the Conference.

Section 7: Whenever five (5) member PIAA schools petition to compete in a sport/activity with each other, the Conference shall sponsor that sport/activity. Whenever the number of member PIAA schools sponsoring a sport/activity become less than five (5), the Conference will discontinue sponsorship of said sport/activity.


Section 1: In the event that the Mountain Valley Conference should disband by at least a 75.0% aye vote of the full membership of the Conference, all monies in the treasury, after all outstanding bills have been satisfied, shall be equally distributed among the member PIAA schools in good standing at the time of disbandment.


Section 1: By-Laws are changed by at least a 75.0% aye vote of the full membership of the Conference at a scheduled meeting of the Conference.

Section 2: The “….at least a 75.0% aye vote….” Constitutional rule used in specific voting actions of the Conference mandates that all calculated fractional votes required for approval of said actions are rounded off to the closest whole number, e.g., a seven (7) member Conference would require five (5) aye votes to satisfy the “….at least a 75.0%….”

Vote: 7 X 75% = 5.25 which is rounded off to 5; with this example, 4 aye votes is not enough for passage.

Section 3: “Robert’s Rules of Order – Parliamentary Procedure” is to be followed for any issue/action of the Conference not otherwise identified within this Constitution and By Laws.


Section 1: Resolution – In the event that a violation of the Constitution and/or By Laws of the Mountain Valley Conference should occur, the PIAA schools involved are to confer to resolve the issue in a professional manner within ten (10) school days. Should the issue not be resolved to the satisfaction of all involved, any school involved may appeal to the Mountain Valley Conference Executive Committee for a redress of the grievance. A tournament or playoff director would report violations of the Constitution, By-Laws, policy or individual sport/activity rules to the President of the Conference for appropriate action as described in this Section.

Section 2: Appeal Procedure – The aggrieved school will submit to the President of the Mountain Valley Conference a letter stating the nature of the violation, and a summary of actions taken to attempt to resolve the issue. The President of the Conference will send a copy of this letter to all member PIAA schools involved in the violation. Other schools involved in the matter may, at their option, submit similar written statements to the Conference President and the other parties involved.

Section 3: Hearing Procedures – The Conference President, upon receiving an appeal letter concerning the violation of the Conference Constitution, By Laws, policies or sport/activity rules will convene a special meeting of the Executive Committee. All member PIAA schools in the Conference will receive copies of all related correspondence. The special meeting will be open to the Executive Committee, the Principal and the Athletic/Activity Director of the member PIAA schools involved. The Mountain Valley Conference President will direct the Executive Committee to hear alleged violations of the Mountain Valley Conference policies, By Laws, or sport/activity rules. Should the Conference President be involved in the incident, the Vice President will take over, followed by the Secretary, then Treasurer until the chairperson is from an uninvolved school. Upon review of the incident, the decision of the Executive Committee will be binding and final.

Any Executive Committee member directly involved in the disputes will be removed from the voting process. If the final vote of the Executive Committee results in a tie, the dispute will be brought to the entire Conference membership for a resolution by a majority vote.

Section 4: Conference Action – At its discretion, the Executive Committee may direct the Conference Secretary to send a “Letter of Censure and/or Probation” to the offending member PIAA school(s). Although other actions may be taken, should the situation warrant, at least a 75.0% aye vote of the full membership of the Conference would be necessary to remove the offending member PIAA school from the Mountain Valley Conference.


Adopted: December 1, 1993

Amended: December 9, 1997

Amended: December 8, 1998

Amended: December 10, 2002

Amended: September 12, 2007

Amended: May 23, 2008

Amended: December 7, 2011